iPhone battery replacement and 2-FA

Jan 11, 2017 · 148 words · 1 minute read 2faappleiphone

The battery in my iPhone 6s had been really terrible lately, shutting down sometimes when the battery shows more than 50% remaining. I decided to go to the Apple Store and as it turns out they have a whole program for iPhone 6s unexpected shutdown issues (yay).

When I’ve had my iPhone battery replaced in the past, it usually takes the Genius in the backroom about 20 minutes. It’s about the right amount of time to buy a smoothie and walk a lap around the mall. Today they told me it would take them 2 hours. Okay, fine there were other people that needed their phones and Macs fixed too. Anyone can survive a few hours without their phone, right?

As soon as I walked out of the door I realized my mistake. I was now locked out of all of my accounts that use 2-factor authentication. Sigh.